Pray Over Them: Fighting Battles

For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.

2 Corinthians 10:4


It is no secret that there is a war raging for the souls of man. Not just for adults but for our children, especially. It is not fear mongering. It is not pretend. It is happening directly in front of our faces and we must prepare for war and prepare our children for the battles they will inevitably face. We have seen it over the last weeks and months in the entertainment industry especially:

...things meant for children, or at the very least readily available to them, with adult themes. 

...performances that are outright satanic worship.

...the idea that some version of Christianity that someone has developed in their own mind is more right than Scripture.

...people whom the enemy is using to try and outright steal our children's innocence and turn them away from the one try God.


And while this may not be a blanket statement that all of these things are happening to our children all over the world simultaneously, they ARE happening, and as believers we are called to be prepared.

2 Corinthians 10:4 tells us that this war is not a physical war, but one that is waged with God's might in spiritual battles that have eternal implications on the lives of His children. Just like a war fought on the battlefield by soldiers, real lives are at stake. Eternal lives. But we so often nonchalantly pass by these attacks as "no big deal" and decide that they are someone else's problem. 


But Christian, let me remind you, if someone is trying to lead astray an eternal soul, it is our problem. That is our God that is being mocked. That is our Savior who is being so violently disrespected. We would never approach a war that was at our doorstep with such disregard that we would simply close our eyes and say, "Well, I can't see it so it doesn't involve me." Never! We would immediately protect our families. We would plan out what needed to happen next. We would fight back.


Do not become numb to the things of this world. Recognize where the battles are and fight them. Pray for revival in our world. Pray heavily over your children, your neighbors children, your classrooms, your church body's children...pray that they would be given the weapons to be able to fight the war on the spiritual battleground where eternal souls are at stake. Pray for their boldness and a strength that only He can provide.


It is time to get on our knees before our Lord and ask for His divine power to destroy those strongholds. 


If there was ever a time to pray for the next generation of believers, now is that time.


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Article written by Ashley Eason.

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