Jesus Loves Me This I Know

The Gospel of John has always been one of my most loved books of the Bible. The Gospel is so simple that a new convert can easily comprehended its message, yet so deep that theologians wrestle with its complexity. Few books of the Bible present the intimacy that Jesus had with those around him like the Gospel of John. This is probably due to the close relationship that John shared with Jesus. Within this book, we find some of the most cherished words in the Bible, “for God so loved the world.”


Throughout the Gospel the love that Jesus has for people is put on display on almost every page. Chapter 2 points us to the close love that Jesus had for his own mother. In chapter 3, Jesus invites the religious leader Nicodemus to be born again. In John 4, Jesus shares living water with an unloved Samaritan woman. Then, in chapter 11, Jesus comforts the grieving Mary and Martha at the graveside of their brother Lazarus. Moments later, he would bring Lazarus back from the dead!

Yet, out of all the stories in the Gospel of John, I believe my favorite is found in John 13. In this chapter, Jesus is sitting in the upper room with his disciples enjoying his last meal before the cross. As Jesus breaks bread with his closest friends, he reminds them that his time to leave this earth has arrived. Although Jesus has been preparing his disciples for this moment for the last three years, they had never fully grasped what Jesus was saying to them. The news of Jesus’ departure was not simply bad news, it was soul crushing.


These men had poured their entire lives into following Jesus. They listened to Jesus talk about building the kingdom of God and expected to be a part of it. The disciples expected to follow Jesus until he took up his throne. They never imagined that he would take up a cross instead. Even worse, Jesus emphatically reinforced that not only was he leaving, the disciples would be unable to follow. The next few days would be unbelievable devastating. But the love of Jesus would not leave his disciples without hope.


While John 3:16 is better known, John 14:1 is no less significant. In the midst of insurmountable sorrow, Jesus declares, “Let not your hearts be troubled!” Why? Because Jesus was going to prepare a place for them. A place that was unobtainable apart from Jesus’ journey to the cross and the grave. However, this act of leaving was only for a moment. For the glory that was to come could not be compared to the momentary affliction they felt at his leaving.


Friends, Jesus still speaks these incredible words of love, “Let not your hearts be troubled.” Why? For Jesus has overcome this world, and as John 3:16 says, “He so loves you.”




Article written by BJ Eason.


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Donna Watkins
a year ago

I love Jesus and am so happy I’m reading his words.