A Well of Life or Death?


Many of us seek to answer some of the most difficult questions of life. What is my purpose? What is truth? How can I have hope in life? This podcast from John 4:11-12 seeks to examine these questions. 




Be Still.

Our lives have had so many wonderful changes in the past 8 months. We've had family move near us, I began new job, we've been overseas on a mission trip, and we have had LOTS of schedule changes to get used to all of the new blessings that have been poured out on us. The hand of God is evident in the works He is doing, but sometimes it can be so easy to disobey even the simplest of commands:

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Quail and Manna

The list of things that have surprised me about moving to what I thought was a desert continues to grow day by day. Over the past two years, I've come to see that Arizona has not only desert, but beautiful mountains, vast forests, snowy areas, and of course the Grand Canyon.

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Back to School

A new school year is quickly approaching, and for many, has already begun! Over the next few weeks, we will take some time to pray over five specific areas: students, teachers, administration, parents, and local & national leadership. Remember in prayer not only K-12 schools, but also preschools , homeschool, colleges, universities, and seminaries!

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Let the Little Children Come to Me

In our current culture's hostile climate, there has been ample discussion about our children. From some, the argument is to let children be free spirits and choose whatever they want for themselves at any age, as long as it makes them happy. From others, the argument is to fully indoctrinate them with the world, giving them little to no exposure to Scripture (because they believe that is the problem that indoctrinates children with evil). However, as believers we know that both of these approaches are far from the truth and we should not expect the world to understand what we are commanded by Scripture to do. The Bible tells us that those who do not have the Holy Spirit dwelling within them do not have the capacity to understand (John 14:17).

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Oh, How He Loves

I've recently been reading through a children's storybook style Bible at night with my youngest. We just finished up reading about the Judges God sent to Israel. If you're at all familiar, you know the verse, chorus, and refrain of every judge:

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 Let Us Pray For You