The Gift

What is the best gift that you have ever received from someone? You probably remember exactly who gave it to you, when you received it, and most likely you know exactly where it is at this moment. The person who gave that gift to you most likely knows you very well, too, and loved you enough to work very hard figuring out what you would love best. If that gift has stuck with you and was from an imperfect person, imagine how much more God knows exactly what we would love and what we need!


Psalm 127:3 tells us that children are a gift, or an inheritance, from the Lord. What a gift! Our culture today can try to convince us otherwise, that children are burdensome, difficult, and unwanted. But they are the most well thought out gift that God could give us outside of salvation.

As believers, our families are our first and greatest mission field. Children DO require a lot of work physically, mentally, and spiritually, but we know that our lives as believers aren't meant to be smooth sailing. We are expected to put in the work in order to make disciples and what better way to do that than to pour into the lives of our children day in and day out.

Remind yourself in the mornings when you wake up and as you lie down at night how gracious and good our God is to give such precious gifts to us and to give us the responsibility to point them to Jesus each day.


Article written by Ashley Eason.


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