I Am Provided For

Instant gratification.


Everything we want, when we want it.


In a world where we see everything instantly on social media, we peek inside of everyone's personal lives, and see all the biggest and best things nearly 24/7, it is easy to lose sight of how well we are actually provided for on a daily basis. It's nothing new. Since creation, mankind has always wanted more, beginning with the fruit from the tree in Genesis.


One story in part has really stuck out to me recently, and that is the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their exile in the desert. If you need a brief recap of how they were provided for here's the short version: The Israelites were enslaved in Egypt. They were treated terribly. God sent Moses to lead them from Egypt to the Promised Land. He successfully and safely rescued His people from Egypt with little chase from the Egyptians, which was quickly taken care of at the Red Sea. In the desert, God showed them the way, provided daily food and water for them, gave them commandments to follow for their safety and sanctification, and got them all the way to where they needed to go...BUT...


They complained Every. Step. Of. The. Way.

They were scared of Pharaoh. They were tired of the food provided to them. Even Moses, sick of their grumbling, lost his cool and struck a rock to get water (which is NOT what he was commanded by God to do). They immediately decided to make an idol to worship while Moses was meeting with God to get the 10 commandments. When they got to the land, they were concerned about the inhabitants and that they would be harmed upon entering.


For 40 years, they complained. Forty years because of their prior disobedience and breaking of God's covenant. But, God still took care of them every step of the way.


It's easy to stop there and think, "How foolish! Who could EVER look at a provision from God like that and disregard it with such blatant disrespect!"

But I might ask you to check your own heart. I've had to do that myself rather frequently. He has seen fit to provide me with a loving family, a place to live, food, clothing, a loving church family, and even more things that I can't even begin to list.


In short: He. Is. Good.


Like the Israelites, He cares for His people. He always provides for the needs of His people. He knows what is best for His people. The Israelites were rescued from bondage and certain death and were provided for, even in the wilderness during disobedience.


Believer, be encouraged that you, too, have been rescued from bondage and death by way of the cross. And even in the wilderness wanderings of this world that is not our home, we are also provided for every day. May we find gratefulness in even the smallest of things every day and know that we are well provided for in the arms of Jesus.

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